Remote file access via SSH

In Microsoft Windows you can open and edit a text file, which located in a remote Linux machine, with your favorite text editor via WinSCP very easily.

You may do almost the same thing as well in a Linux machine. Which is mount the folder from the remote Linux machine as a local mount point and edit the files with your favorite text editor.

  • In Linux Mint 19.1 you have to install sshfs package in order to enable the feature
sudo apt install sshfs
  • Generate a Public and Private RAS keys to ssh the remote Linux machine without using a password. You may refer to my post before (Link).
  • Create an empty folder as the mount point
sudo mkdir /media/remoteSshFolder
  • Edit fstab to mount manually easily
sudo vi /etc/fstab
  • Add the following line to the end
[email protected]_address:/path_on_remote_machine  /media/remoteSshFolder fuse.sshfs      defaults,users,noauto,IdentityFile=/path_to/id.rsa.key 0 0
  • The above setting will not mount at boot, but you may run the command manually to mount the remote folder
mount /media/remoteSshFolder