WineHQ and file association

I need to read .pdb files. Which the MS Windows have better software to do so than Linux.

The software I am using is a portable one, which mean no installation required. Which turns out it is quite a problem for me. Since no installation, then no file association in any graphical file manager interface.

The solution is to create a mini shell script file to start the application from wine, before associate the .pdb file to the script

#one of the WineHQ script
LANG=zh_TW.UTF-8 wine "/your_path/your_program.exe" "Z:"[email protected]

The most important bit is “Z:”[email protected] When you double click a file in a file manager, the file manager will pass the file address to your script as argument and replace [email protected]
Then your script will combine Z: with the file address to tell WineHQ the file is locate is locate in Z drive, which Z drive is the / (root directory). Otherwise WineHQ will try to open the file in C: drive, which is not there at all.

Next your just need to associate the .pdb to your script file, so when you double click all .pdb file, the script will open it correctly.